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End-to-End Solutions

Our main goal is to satisfy our business customers by making sure that at the end of the day they will not only have a working software, but also make sure that they will reach out their business goals.

We handle the most of our projects from product Discovery to Delivery.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery is the activities that we do to help our customers make decisions about what to build.

  • Product Discovery Interviews

    These interviews are crucial in understanding the needs, opinions, pain points, and motives of customers.

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Refers to visual representation of the customer journey (also called the buyer journey or user journey). It helps to tell the story of the customers’ experiences with the brand across all touchpoints.

  • User Story Mapping

    They help Agile teams define what to build and maintain visibility for how it all fits together. They enable user-centered conversations, collaboration, and feature prioritization to align and guide iterative product development.

  • Wireframing

    Refers to a process where designers draw overviews of interactive products to establish the structure and flow of possible design solutions. Wireframes help teams and stakeholders ideate toward optimal, user-focused prototypes and products.

  • MVP Definition

    It is a process of defining the core functionalities and yet important and minimum features of the product, with the goal to test how the target audience would respond to it.

  • Prototyping

    Refers to the experimental process where design teams implement ideas into tangible forms from paper to digital. The prototypes can be of varying degrees of fidelity to capture design concepts and test on users. With prototypes, becomes possible to refine and validate designs so to release the right products.

  • User Interface Design

    It is a process of designing the look of the product and the experience of users when interacting with it.

Product Delivery

Product Delivery is the work we do to build, ship, and maintain a production quality product.

  • Roadmap formation

    Refers to a product development planning for the near future based on the product strategy. The roadmap contains list of features mapped to their expected delivery dates.

  • Agile software development

    Agile software development is a software development process based on agile principles and values and with the help of Scrum, Kanban, or other Agile frameworks.

Continues Discovery & Delivery

Continues Discovery & Delivery is our belief that good products should be periodically upgraded and tuned based on the analytics data, customer feedbacks and methods/tools used for testing ideas and improvements.

  • Design Sprint

    The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Developed at Google Ventures is an exercise that is a mixture of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more packaged into one process.

  • Usability testing

    Refers to evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users. Typically, during a test, participants will try to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen, and take notes. The goal is to identify any usability problems, collect qualitative and quantitative data, and determine the participant's satisfaction with the product.

  • A/B Testing

    Also known as split testing, refers to a randomized experimentation process wherein two or more versions of a variable (web page, page element, etc.) are shown to different segments of product users at the same time to determine which version leaves the maximum impact and drives business metrics.

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